Photo Gallery

Let's start with an aerial view of the airport. The runway is oriented east-west, between Route 8 and the Chesapeake Bay. In the photo below the camera is pointing to the south end of the island.

Notice all the airplanes on the field? The Pottstown, PA flying club came to Kentmorr to enjoy the beautiful weather and the Bay's best crab cakes. We caught a few of fliers on camera, below.

Below are two views of the strip, first facing west towards the Bay and then facing east towards Route 8.

Here's a few pictures of the gorgeous scenery around the airport. There is nothing quite like the Eastern Shore from the air. You will never run out of new discoveries and pleasant surprises.

And, finally, a view of Kentmorr as a winter wonderland. There aren't too many airplanes flying in this kind of weather, but you can see in the second picture that we get quite a few geese, who stop to munch on the runway.

Send us your favorite Eastern Shore / Kent Island pictures. We will post them for everyone to enjoy.

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